Error message org.freedesktop.Platform 20.08

Updating packages on my Ubuntu based Pop OS operating system recently I got an error message about the end of life of org.freedesktop.Platform 20.08 Looking for updates… Info: org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default//20.08 is end-of-life, with reason: org.freedesktop.Platform 20.08 is no longer receiving fixes and security updates. Please update to a supported runtime version. Solving this is pretty straightforward and can be done in three steps. First, check your list of flatpak packages

GlobalProtect VPN at Colorado State University

In order to be able to access CSU resources off campus or ssh into my work desktop I need to install the GlobalProtect VPN. The installation of the VPN client is pretty straightforward. In this post I'm keeping notes on how to install the CLI version of the client. First things first, we need to download the university's VPN package here. This should download a file called PanGPLinux-6.0.0-c18.tgz. We need to unpack this file.

Reference Management Software

In every course that I teach I make it a point to stress the importance of a good literature and reference management system (LRMS) for students and researchers. I'd argue that there are few tools that have an equal impact in making your life easier at a university. A good LRMS will help you organize your literature, read your articles, and write term papers or manuscripts. It's always surprising to me that even in M.